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The Aqueduct Bridge
World Guide #14-24-11

Aqueduct Bridge

Carrying the White Water Canal across Duck Creek and constructed using a Burr arch truss, this 60-foot structure was built by Canal Trustees in 1846. The aqueduct was restored in 1946-49, and again in the 90s; another major restoration was completed in 2005. The Aqueduct is part of the White Water Canal State Memorial at Metamora and it is the only aqueduct covered bridge in the United States.

Franklin County was established in 1811, before Indiana became a State, and is named for Benjamin Franklin. The county is located in Southeastern Indiana, and the County Seat is Brookville.

Franklin County originally had twenty-two (22) covered bridges. Today it has four (4) remaining.

Points of interest in the County include: The Convent and Academy of the Immaculate Conception, the Village of Spires in Oldenburg and Mounds State Recreation Area.