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The Snow Hill Bridge
World Guide #14-24-09

Crossing Johnson's Creek and constructed using a Howe truss, this 83.5-foot long structure was built by William Butts and John Horn in 1894. It was restored 1987, and once again in 2010, and is open to traffic.

The Snow Hill Covered Bridge has an unusual floor as the beams are turned on end, causing it to appear almost like the lanes of a bowling alley.

Franklin County was established in 1811, before Indiana became a State, and is named for Benjamin Franklin.  The county is located in Southeastern Indiana and the County Seat is Brookville.

Franklin County originally had twenty-two (22) covered bridges. Today it has four (4) remaining covered bridges.

Points of interest in the County include: The Convent and Academy of the Immaculate Conception, the Village of Spires in Oldenburg and Mounds State Recreation Area.