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The Guilford Bridge
World Guide #14-15-01

Guilford Covered Bridge

Originally this 119-foot long covered bridge crossed the East Fork of Tanner's Creek at the town of Guilford. It was built by A.M. Kennedy & Sons in 1879 using the Burr arch truss structure, but was moved a few hundred yards when a new structure was built.

It was restored in 1997 and is open to traffic (into the parking lot). It is also one of three (3) covered bridges in Indiana that have a sprinkler system.

Dearborn County was established in 1803 and named in honor of General Henry Dearborn, who was Secretary of War under Thomas Jefferson. It is located in Southeastern Indiana where Lawrenceburg is the County Seat.

Dearborn County originally had twelve (12) known covered bridges. Today it has one (1) remaining.

Points of interest in the County include: The Ohio River and Hillforest Mansion.