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The Lancaster Bridge
World Guide #14-08-02

Lancaster Bridge

The Lancaster Bridge crosses the North Fork of Wildcat Creek and was constructed using a Howe truss. It was built by the Wheelock Bridge Co. in 1872 and also has Wheelock patent Cast Iron Abutments. The structure is 133 feet long and open to traffic.

A major, year-long restoration by CLR was completed in October of 2006. Click here for a photo diary of the work by Dan Reitmeyer.

Carroll County was established in 1828 and named in honor of Charles Carroll, member of the Continental Congress and last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.  The county is located in Central Northwestern Indiana.  The County Seat is Delphi.

Carroll County originally had twelve (12) known covered bridges. Today it has two (2) remaining covered bridges.

Points of interest in the County include: The Wabash River and Lake Freeman