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The Bean Blossom Bridge
World Guide #14-07-01

Bean Blossom Bridge

The Bean Blossom Bridge was built in 1880 by Captain Joseph Basley and crosses Bean Blossom Creek. It is 60-foot long and uses a Modified Howe truss. Renovations on the bridge were completed in 1999 and it is open to traffic.

Brown County was formed in 1836 and is named in honor of General Jacob Brown, who played a role in the War of 1812. The county is located in Central Indiana and the County Seat is in Nashville.

Brown County has two (2) covered bridges although one of them was relocated from Putnam County in 1932.

Points of interest in the County include: the Brown County State Park with more than 15,000 acres is the largest and most popular of Indiana's State Parks, Lake Lemon, Lake Monroe and Nashville, which is a center for antiques and art.